As a young entrepreneur we are always questioned to our capabilities of running a company and with significant research regarding good and bad leadership trends it will allow me to inform and prepare myself for a team behind me.

Personally, I think we're in a transition away from the "mechanical" approach to leadership of the last 100 years and a more "human" one based more in decentralization, transparency, and collaboration. That's what my book is about ( Honestly, I don't know if the ideas in my book are the ones that will perfectly impress your funders, but I agree you should be clear and intentional about how you want to run the business. Sliding by default into traditional management I think is a mistake. As you grow, culture is going to be a key piece of your competitive advantage, so create it on purpose. Other authors to read: Dan Pink (Drive, Whole New Mind), the Heath brothers (Switch, Made to Stick), Les McKeown (Predictable Success, Synergist).

Answered 8 years ago

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