My app has been in the App Store for 2 years and is top of its niche. We launched on Android 8 months ago and this is also going well. I want to take the app to the next level by learning from how my users (over 10k users per day) use the app. What do they press as soon as they open the app, why do they uninstall (or what were they doing right before uninstalling), how does a brand new user use the app (i.e. does he go straight to our tutorial or just dive in). Any suggestions on SDKs, websites, etc . . that would help me to track down and study this information would be appreciated.

Firebase (Google Analytics) will help you to start. It has a feature where you can see how the user moves through your mobile app.

This can be very valuable on how your users use your app. You can also set up events to track any particular events in the mobile app.

In one of our apps, I used Google Analytics then (Firebase now) and found we had lots of users going to a screen on our app, I added some monetization and this helped increase revenue 25% overnight.

Looking at this data can be very helpful in taking you to the next level.


PS - If you want help looking at the data or more tips, call me

Answered a year ago

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