I co-founded - a legal marketplace in Iran - less than a year ago. We've launched the Beta version two months ago and working to improve it's UX and add new features to it and at the same time working on marketing and introducing it to the limited groups of people. We see the expression in our users that they can not understand the system and what it does very easily. So we think maybe hiring a UX expert would help us. I am familiar with UX and normally I do it myself but I think maybe having a more professional UX designer would help us. What do you suggest?

For me when it comes to UX inputs from experts are priceless. If ever I am working on a project or product I am unfamiliar with I would always try and bring in an "expert" or someone who uses frequently. If you're a reader, read the book "sprint" there are some amazing insights as to the value of experts and why there is no shame in bro gong them in. Hope it works out for you

Answered 4 years ago

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