I co-founded - a legal marketplace in Iran - less than a year ago. We've launched the Beta version two months ago and working to improve it's UX and add new features to it and at the same time working on marketing and introducing it to the limited groups of people. We see the expression in our users that they can not understand the system and what it does very easily. So we think maybe hiring a UX expert would help us. I am familiar with UX and normally I do it myself but I think maybe having a more professional UX designer would help us. What do you suggest?

I practised as a lawyer and in my experience doing digital marketing, have worked with many UX teams to develop mobile as well as online apps.

The short answer to your question is that there is always value looking at it from the lens of the end user. An experienced UX person would be knowledgeable of how to go about doing this. Translating this to the user experience is the other part of the puzzle.

Happy to talk more with you to uncover what your pain points are and what options you may explore.

Answered 5 years ago

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