I co-founded - a legal marketplace in Iran - less than a year ago. We've launched the Beta version two months ago and working to improve it's UX and add new features to it and at the same time working on marketing and introducing it to the limited groups of people. We see the expression in our users that they can not understand the system and what it does very easily. So we think maybe hiring a UX expert would help us. I am familiar with UX and normally I do it myself but I think maybe having a more professional UX designer would help us. What do you suggest?

I would recommend that you hire a UX expert. Even if you have experience with UX, someone with that expertise would most likely see something obvious that you're not seeing. If you could fix it yourself, I'm sure you wouldn't be here to ask. It sounds like you don't need someone full-time - maybe only for a few weeks to get a plan or a few hours each month to help you better understand what's not working by analyzing the metrics or doing user testing.

If the site as-is isn't clear, there could be a number of factors happening (why an expert could help - they would see the core issues right away). It could even be as simple as your messaging if confusing/off-target or design/color choices. You may not need to redo the entire experience. There are also cultural factors to consider - for example, what is considered a clear UX in China for example is often quite different than a clear UX in the US. I'd recommend a local UX expert - they'd get you on the right track.

When you meet with the UX expert, make sure you give them information about your target audience. If you have a target market outlined, awesome! If you have personas, even better! If you have other traffic info - that's helpful too. That info will help them focus on what's happening or missing. Hope this helps!

Answered 4 years ago

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