I read a lot about OKRs but every time I need to use it in action I faced some difficulties. Now my teammate and I use a Trello board to measure progress towards our goals, But I think maybe I don't set them right, because I don't know how to measure success and progress towards our objectives. I'm not sure if I set them right. Can you please help me and show me a way to make it work?

I have worked with Trello and Basecamp in both a start-up environment as well as for a team within an MNC.

There are several things I suggest you clarify before jumping into using a tool.

1. What is your team's goal
2. Who is accountable for what in achieving what goals
3. How is the team to work together to achieve the common goals while working independently too
4. How does the team work together if failure to achieve a goal impacts the bigger goals
5. How does the team want to held accountable.

From here, you will find a tool and set it up in a way that best works for you. There will be some retro-fitting of course.

Drop me a line if you like to talk more.

Answered 4 years ago

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