I read a lot about OKRs but every time I need to use it in action I faced some difficulties. Now my teammate and I use a Trello board to measure progress towards our goals, But I think maybe I don't set them right, because I don't know how to measure success and progress towards our objectives. I'm not sure if I set them right. Can you please help me and show me a way to make it work?

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To know about this have to go in detail.

Here is a quick list of some of our top tips for setting OKRs at Buffer:

Objectives are to be ambitious and should feel slightly uncomfortable.
Key results are measurable; they must have a number.
Ideally, you’ll only achieve 70% of your OKRs.
Getting 100% means your OKRs aren’t ambitious enough.
Low grades aren’t to be punished.
Be careful not to set too many. Generally, a maximum of five objectives with a max of five key results each is enough.
And probably our biggest learning with OKRs: They can (and should) change during the quarter. Especially at a SaaS startup, things happen fast, we learn fast, and the objectives we set may not be the right ones in a few weeks’ time.

Our marketing OKRs for quarter two (April through June) included five different objectives that we were excited to take on, each with three to five key results attached. Here’s one OKR for what we hoped to do on Medium last quarter:

Buffer's list of OKRs.

Setting them is really fun. It is a chance to dream big, reflect on where you’re at and where you want to go, and brainstorm how to get there.

Also quite fun? Tracking them! I’ve found a lot of joy in of the system we use for our marketing OKRs.
Initial Setup
The basic layout is organized like this:

Each Objective is summarized in a list title
Each Key Result gets its own card under its Objective list
Each card has a rich description of the OKR details
Labels show the status of the Key Result

One of the best ways we’ve found to track progress on Key Results is to use checklists. These make great sense for the results we’ve set to “achieve x number of things” like blog posts, experiments, and the like.

The basics work like this:

Set a goal, based on a time period;
Determine how much daily progress you need to make in order to reach the goal;
Chart this progress on a line graph;
Track your daily progress; and,
Add this progress to the line graph, too.

For further details on the topic you can consult with me.

Answered 4 years ago

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