I am planning on building a football (soccer) related website that focuses on football culture, the website will target a non-English speaking audience, as part of my research and study I found several English websites that focus on the same sector, one of them is the football version of Bleacher Report, and I noticed that they get massive social media engagement and impressions on their accounts, and I am wondering what is their digital and social media strategy focuses on, it's obvious that they produce a high quality and creative content, but how do they promote it in a way that achieves such a result?

I'd love to break down their success with you. I once heard they have over 60 million monthly viewers!

Heres what I know about them:

1. 10+ years
Many of these so-called "overnight" success is not overnight. They have been around for 10+years now. Be ready to be in this for the long haul.

2. Real-time marketing
Their coverage on popular sporting events was one of the most unique propositions. Since then many other companies have followed suit. They followed the big events on ESPN and posted instantly about them.

3. Create an experience
The CEO was quoted about how they seek advertisers. He said, "We do a good job of walking that line between creating resonating experiences and pulling brands into them."

4. Cross Promoting
When they landed a tv deal with Turner they advertised their app platform to the masses. This created great traction.

Hope that helps!

-Mario Ashley, MBA

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Answered 3 years ago

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