Our start up started to provide a robotic letter handwriting service (indistinguishable from human writing) and we are trying determine the right strategy and identify who the real competition is, how to price the product and who the customers are. Having speaken to lots of companies all express they interest and fascination about the service yet only few actual orders arrived. So the questions are: - do we price low and aim at volume or price high and work with much fewer companies? - how to get people to cross the line between “fantastic idea” to “can I have it please?” - who is the best target market for this service? Marketing agencies running direct mail campaigns? Printing Management companies?

Hi there, I've worked in Marketing in Australia, Canada and the UK for over 10 years and the best starting point for any new product is really and in depth analysis and creation of a brand identity. For example, asking questions like - When building the product, who were you building it for? Why do they need it?

From there, creating the right strategy really comes down to the message and your audience. Once you have clarity around this you can start to decide which channels and forms of communication will resonate most with your target audience (and fit your budget!).

You are right in that the product does sound like a great idea, but are you clear on why people need it, and are you communicating this clearly?

For me, advising on marketing strategy has always been quite personalised to each brand/ product. I'd love to learn more about what motivated you to come up with such an interesting product and to help you answer some of the questions you listed. I worked in radio marketing for many years and have helped a lot of clients in the exact same boat as you. Passionate about their product but unsure how to get it out there.

Feel free to book a call if you'd like to chat more, and if not I wish you all the best with your business goals.

Answered 2 years ago

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