Applying for an online tech/sales support position at, a dj blog specializing in digital djing and boutique dj products.

Ultimately depends on lots of things:
- How much you want the position
- What the company expects to pay
- What others applying for the position might ask for
- How much you need to get by
- How much you would really like to get paid
- How you would stack up against other candidates

Your best bet is to get a good sense for what's a likely target range for that particular role, weigh your desire for the job and how strong a candidate you'd be, and pick a value within that range.

I don't know enough about the position to have a good sense for the range, and I wasn't able to match your description to one of their listed positions to get a bette sense. I'd probably just end up looking at salary sites anyway, which you can do on your own.

Answered 7 years ago

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