A lot of work has been done with marketing funnels and long content emails that drive prospects to take action. Not everyone is going to read all of the content in these long emails, and prospects are each at different points in the awareness spectrum. I have taken a different approach by first progressively profiling prospects and gradually sending them ever more relevant messages that lead to ever more relevant content as I understand their interests better. The difference in my Approach is that the messages I send them are very short (two sentences max), just touching on the subject of Interest and offering the option to click to get more detail. The detail is the content of interest which is located on my WordPress site (not in the email) with detailed information that leads to related information and tools. Prospects eventually reach out to me from suggestive came to action. What I end up with is a series of attributive content that has caused a prospect to respond. Are any of you also using such an approach with success? Could you please share your experience

A good recipe.

I'd suggest one refinement.

If you can encompass your entire message lucidly in 2 lines great. If it takes more, then write more.

Focusing on framing your message completely, rather than some arbitrary number of lines... may improve your conversions.

Answered 2 years ago

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