Just launching my for profit startup (app) which has a non profit section to help families in tragedy. Looking to hire a professional who can pitch my company to the right corporations to get donations to start helping families immediately as to also have funds to continue to hire this individual ongoing to broaden my companies reach.

So, is the charity whats receiving the funding or is your for-profit company. From the sounds of it, it seems the for-profit company is more important than the for charity. I would raise money for your for-profit company and create a structure that when your "profit" company does "X,"you're not for profit company gets "X." Think Warby Parker, buy a pair of glasses they give a pair of glasses. Or bonobos.

I know this isn't exactly what you were looking to hear, but I only say it because you seem to be a caring individual putting the not for profit first to help others, but you can continue to help others if the for-profit succeeds. Otherwise, you should create a not for profit.

Answered 4 years ago

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