Are YT videos showing me using the products w/ just a little talking enough? I scored an excellent domain name and associated social media accounts. Lets say the domain name is "LaptopReviews" (thats not the real name). So I have a great name and social accounts, but I dont know enough to give an intelligent review on the topic. I can take a video of me using the product to show some features and give the basics. Is that enough for now until I get better at the topic? I really cant afford to hire a professional on the topic as I dont know where to find one or what they cost.

Everyone starts somewhere, and if you have working knowledge of a product you shouldn't be afraid to share it. Offering insight into a product, such as a laptop, in a way that the average person can relate can be more useful than an in-depth review. Try a different angle rather than a "review". Frame your title and content around what you know and what you are sharing. If you need any more help, I'm only a call away.

Answered 2 years ago

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