We are looking for someone who can help us re-design our website and also our membership site. We need someone who is an expert in Wordpress but also familiar with Memberium/Infusionsoft. I know there are partners listed on the Memberium website, but I want to know where else I can look to find other qualified candidates.

The WordPress space is expansive and full of people with cross-skills. My advice would be to go to WordPress-specific outlets, and then ask specifically for Memberium/Infusionsoft.

WordPress specific outlets may be online or digital, for example:

You'll be bombarded with potential freelancers if you post in any of these Facebook groups.
Advanced WordPress:
Intermediate WordPress:
WordPress Help & Share:

Next, outsourcer websites are not bad at all. I've had nothing but amazing experiences with, and they have hundreds of experts available so if you post your WordPress + Memberium + InfusionSoft request, there's a high chance a highly qualified outsourcer will be able to help. This is not a paid endorsement, I sincerely love and use their service.

WordCamps & WordPress meetups are also a great place to go. You can check to see what's going on near you. Most WordCamps will have an "are you hiring?" board where you can write your request and people will contact you. Likewise, most meet-ups have a designated time at the beginning and end for potential employers and service providers to connect.

Your networks!
Seriously, we've had tons of luck recruiting extremely qualified WordPress professionals that had non-WordPress skills by simply using our own networks to crowdsource our need. For example, we hired one of our developers because he responded to a Twitter blast of ours. Since WordPress is such an expansive network, chances are that you know someone, or know someone who know someone, with the skills that you need.

Best of luck! Supplementary helpful information may be this article I wrote on how to screen your web development professional: Summary: ask for a portfolio, find someone in your niche and mind their business skills as well as their technology skills.

Hope this helps!

Answered 3 years ago

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