We are looking for someone who can help us re-design our website and also our membership site. We need someone who is an expert in Wordpress but also familiar with Memberium/Infusionsoft. I know there are partners listed on the Memberium website, but I want to know where else I can look to find other qualified candidates.

Here's what you require knowing about using Confusionsoft, er, I mean Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft barely works.

If you think you must use Infusionsoft, you should avoid making Infusionsoft API calls as part of your funnel (sales, conversions, money flow, etc).

Infusionsoft APIs should only be called after all funnel steps are complete + they should only be called in an async manner, in other words, you should never wait for or expect any Infusionsoft API call to ever work.

This means you just store all your data locally + have a background process that repeatedly jams your data into Infusionsoft until a successful status code is returned.

Then delete the queued data you're trying to jam into Infusionsoft from your processing queue.

All except one of my many hosting clients has abandoned Infusionsoft because it fails so consistently.

Answered 3 years ago

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