Essentially what are the legal requirements for starting the next Binance, Bittrex etc. When I say in the United States I mean US based customers (preferably registered in the US as well.)

The US Gov hates cryptocurrency. In fact if you read recent laws (last 5 years) you'll find the language is vague + it can be construed that if you're a US citizen + you hold cryptocurrency, you may be in violation of law.

Better to simply stick with fiat currency produced by every government in the world.

Treat income management as a currency exchange proposition.

Whatever language you speak, just target selling whatever you're selling into a country that reverse correlates the highest to your currency.

So if you live in New Zealand + US currency is strong against the Kiwi, then sell product into the US.

This way you always win big, because some currency in some country will always be your best investment.

Answered 3 years ago

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