We are service entrepreneurs. With our service we want to support sales reps. We want to make them more efficient during the customer acquisition phase. One focus of our service is to provide direct contact details (mobile no, direct extension) of decision makers at prospects. Thus, sales reps are able to talk to decision makers directly without the need of convincing gatekeepers (operators, assistants). This saves a lot of time. However, recently we found an app which can be connected to LinkedIn and it will show the direct contact details of contacts. However, the tool is not 100% accurate. Our core question is which services we can add which can not be automated through tools and will provide our customers an added value during the new customer acquisition process.

Any specific service category has its own unique areas that you can add value to your customers/potential customers. But what every industry is advice, just like you're seeking. Without needing to be an industry expert on a subject.. most sales reps will have a broader knowledge base on many topics than your customers. Being able to get simple questions answered and get a baseline of info on certain areas is hugely valuable to everyone.

In my industry (animal care), being able to offer customers a 90 second-5 minute conversation with some advice on a minor problem takes minimal time out of my day.. but can add a ton of valuable in their life.

Answered 3 years ago

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