This is about strategy, but also on motivation and self knowledge. After a couple of months the cool new-ness wears off and you need to keep yourself motivated, but I see no point in self motivation if you are headed in a wrong direction. So how do you check yourself?

I believe that personal passion is the only sustainable way to pursue any idea and / or startup in the medium and longer term.

In the short term, there's loads of other things that keep you going: momentum, money, press, great feedback, investor interest, new customers etc. What these things however do is it kickstarts your natural adrenaline making it easy to make progress.

Once that adrenaline runs out though and when you reach a low point (of the rollercoaster), you're only left with the things you naturally have. So your own ambition, drive and passion are the things that will help get you out of that low point and kickstart the adrenaline again.

And of those things, passion is the greatest motivator to do anything. If you are truly passionate about the idea or startup you are pursuing, I believe that you will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Answered 9 years ago

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