We are business consultants who decided to focus on international business development for companies with $3m-$10m annual revenue. The problem of course is that Linkedin for example won't have data on who might need help BEFORE they need it. Content marketing on linkedin/medium (for example) is perhaps the only way forward? We could retarget those who self-qualify through their interest in the material?

I would absolutely suggest a content-focused marketing strategy. development of white papers, blogs and other SEO-rich materials which are actively managed and cultivated will pay dividends over the long haul along with any offline or other activities you want to consider. A lot of people hesitate to go down the content marketing route because of cost, but there are several "accessible" options as far as rates out there. Start first with having a technology partner do research into your competitive space, make suggestions on phrases/keywords to target, then create a framework and timeline for rolling out this content and how best to deliver it. My firm launches these quick sprint portal/framework engagements all the time and they dont have to break the bank in my experience.

FWIW I would avoid Medium and stick with your own custom branded theme. establish your brand as the expert and have your own portal to engage potential clients (plus you can control your conversion funnel much easier that way with cool add-ons like IM chat, email submissions, newsletter signups etc.)

There are a few other intermediary strategies likely worth considering as well (targeting connectors or people who are also targeting this group but are not directly competing, like say attorneys who specialize in international corporation formations, or accountants perhaps.) There are opportunities like that which would certainly be good to look into.

Answered 6 years ago

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