I own 5 different Real Estate focused companies in Ohio. Since my brainpower is divided between 5 different brands, no single brand really shines. This is holding back my entire team as they have no unified vision, core mission, etc. I need to combine them all in a cohesive way, though several of them must still exist. I have hired the SEO/SEM guys, the marketing guys, etc. I have those internally ready to implement any changes I decide upon, but I don't know how and what to strategize to ensure I make the right move. What type of person or consultant should I be looking for to help with this identity crisis? Where do I find this person for a small company like mine?

I'd recommend talking to a business consultant or coach, preferably someone with experience in your industry. As someone outside your industry, I would recommend that you think more about how you can consolidate into fewer brands. Managing five brands means splitting your resources, time and money to the point where, as you yourself have said, no single brand is able to shine. My advice to you would be to decide which brand has the best opportunity to stand out and consider focusing your efforts on that one brand. If you want to talk further, feel free to contact me.

Answered 3 years ago

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