I think too many people use crazy work schedules as a badge-of-honor, as though it should be praised.

The two solutions I've found to reducing overwork so I can have time with my young family are:
1. Empty Desk Solutions: A good friend suggested the practice of thinking about how to solve any problem with only an empty desk and a phone. When you don't have a computer to suck your life away, you get creative and find others that are capable and eager to do what you need done. To me, that's the type of approach great entrepreneurs take.

2. Prioritize Like Crazy: Tim Ferriss suggested that lack of priorities (which leads to busy-ness) is a result of lazy thinking. By prioritizing the top 2 or 3 items to do each day (I do it the night before), I get more done in less time than if I just sit down to my desk and take whatever the world throws at me. 80/20 thinking ensues and you start cutting out all the non-essential items that don't move the needle, giving you more of your life back.

Helping determine priorities is one of the things my clients thank me for repeatedly, so hit me up if you would like help with that. Here's a link to schedule a free call:

Answered 7 years ago

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