My company is with the name Kairotoons and we are planning to sell our created films on Vimeo and other video publishing platforms. We are planning to create short and feature films. Do I hire full-time animators or do I use outsourcing services to create my films?

There are sever steps on ding any company:
1st: Get the idea. You have this
2nd: You need to Register the company name. Think of the company name before hand with several options.
3rd: Make a bank account on the company's name
4th: Get a place of work: an office or a studio, paid or not
5th Hire the minimum staff.
6th: Start to work

The 2nd step is different in every country, you need to find what are the laws to let you legalize and register a company.

The 5th step is where I respond to your question:
Try to get a full time animator. You will need capital enough to pay this workers until the company get profit, but is very important that you have your own style, and for that you will need to have workers that have to implement that style

Answered 4 years ago

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