Good afternoon, I am a Brazilian/US citizen and I am considering opening a business in the US to operate in Amazon FBA US. The problem is, I don’t know much about tax and if I will have to move to the US right away? Or what are the other options for me regarding incorporating in another country outside the US? Note: currently I live in Brazil. So this is mostly my concern, and I believe it will probably cover way more questions that I have now. So I would like to hear from an expert regarding incorporating in another country as well as the US, foreign tax laws and US tax laws for corporation, IRS files… Thank you, and I will await for a response to further proceed with an expert call. (just wont to make sure I find the right person who truly knows about these questions)

Best option is H&R Block Executive Tax services.

They're way cheap, compared to accountants.

More importantly, their agents are required to go through courses + develop competency on every change to US tax code.

Since you have US citizenship, you'll be taxed on 100% of your world wide income.

To optimize your tax payments, search Clarity for postings about "Transfer Pricing" made by me previously + others.

Answered 5 years ago

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