We would continue with fast growth but need to exit for personal reasons. Where would you go from here to find a buyer? Very grateful for any answers.

Bankers... Last people I engage to sell my business.

My guess is you could randomly call almost anyone on Clarity + they'd have many great ideas for selling your business.

First place I'd look is competitors + users of your service.

In fact I have a Travel Business client who likely has far more income than any of the SAAS companies they use to pull data streams from to populate their offers.

Competitors + users are your best first stop.

Keep in mind, if you sell your business directly to someone, you pay no broker fee either.

Next stop is to list your site on Flippa.

A round about way to sell your business, is to start a Kickstarter project to acquire a round of money. This allows you to publicize your business to many people. One of them might buy you out or pass along a referral of someone to buy you out.

Think of ways to sell your business... outside the box... where you pay no broker fee + how you advertise (like Kickstarter) doesn't seem like advertising, which will likely net you far more money.

Answered 4 years ago

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