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Hello! My name is Humberto Valle, I'm a seasoned Marketing Strategist with I've been blessed to work with small and large companies alike for about 10 years now.
As I was reading this question I couldn't help but wonder why a digital marketing company would be needing help generating leads?

The truth is that you are not alone, many marketers struggle to generate leads or sales, this is somewhat unexpected, like a doctor not knowing how to treat herself. But it's not that simple, lead generation is something that requires a very broad understanding of imagery, Landing pages, omitted factors, copy, structure of content, data, understanding the various persona's for any given product variation and then having the technical skillsets to create and manage PPC and SEO as well as scheduling for content and social media as part of a larger strategy for generating leads.

Adding difficulty is that each business requires it's own unique approach to solving their lead generation problems and within the budget. This means that as a marketer, you can't typically recycle strategies for every client - marketing for yourself though, should be much easier since the needs don't adjust often and regularly (your business model doesn't change regularly) -As I read your lead generation question, my second thought was that it's clear that you aren't following some lead generation tactics for inbound marketing to help expose your services to small business or startups, if you were to study the market thoroughly and understand who your real immediate competition was you would be able to target ideal potential clients. There are many marketing platforms for example, that decide to focus on a niche industry or specific type of clientele and this actually accelerates growth from being heavily focused in what they do and for whom they do it for., for example, focuses on Family Entertainment Centers like bowling alleys, mini-golf courses, and amusement parks to name a few and provides them with a marketing technology that is scalable, consistent, and better yet affordable.
As web designers, you must decide on who would be your most ideal type of client based on a few factors such as cost, cash flow, design efficiency, and even interests (we do better work when we enjoy what we do). This should enable you to get better, learn more faster, and should allow you to offer certain guarantees to specific clients. If you have such a strong skill set in conversion from your web design you can also simply set PPC campaigns to generate traffic to your website(s) knowing that they will be converted.
Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions or would like some additional help.

Answered 2 years ago

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