I have a web/app based idea that I would like to get some guidance as I have no idea friends family and also peers haven't have a clue and I just need a point in the right direction

The right mentor is the one that you have respect for and who irritates you just enough to push you towards your next goal :)

It sounds like you want some advice on whether your idea is a viable one. To me success happens at the convergence of your passion, your knowledge, and the market. If those 3 play in your favour you're set to go.
If they're not you got some homework to do.

I am a small business and marketing coach and can ask you the right questions to find your answers. If you're looking for more technical how to questions I'm not the ideal person. I have some technical background but it's not my full expertise. So it really depends what you need right now.

Want to figure out if you should do it and what the next step would be if so? That's the one I can help you with.

Answered 8 years ago

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