The knee jerk reaction to this question could be, "Why would you want to do something you know nothing about?"
Perhaps, you like the trade? Perhaps, you see the value? Or just maybe, you see something else that intrigues you! The best part of the answer here is that no matter what, you will need to challenge yourself physically, emotionally, and financially.
As others have said, the availability of online training is phenomenal. You could gleam tons of knowledge, or even just enough to be dangerous! Once you think you have figured out the space, work at it for 1 more hour.
That said, how do you think a kid out of high school becomes an electrician? Starting as an apprentice, the student will become well versed in both text book theory and boots on the ground theory.
We work with a number of beginners in the field of finance, grant writing and real estate. We are always happy to schedule a call to discuss your needs and point you in the right direction!

Answered 3 years ago

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