The idea: You see a piece of furniture (in a café, in YouTube video, anywhere…). You wanna buy it! But you don’t know where to get it from… You open the app "Find Your Design". You upload a picture of the fitment. Other users comment on your picture and provide information about the manufacturer, the retailer, the name or similar items. Now, you can buy it :) What do you think? Comments? Ideas? Thanks!

This idea is very intriguing. I believe the product is very doable if you have the appropriate tech resources and the right team. I'm unsure of what the target market may be for this application? Middle-aged individuals? And are you planning to make this free because I'm not too sure people will be willing to pay for this unless it has more attractive features. I would love to talk further about this and help you brainstorm some concepts + viable business models. Ping me!

Answered 3 years ago

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