I am designing a hand knit toy collection for children aged 2-6. I would like to have a learning component with the toys and would like to speak to the parents to see what their preference would be and what are the biggest pain points they are facing. How can I collect data on this demographic and specifically within the Canadian market? How can I test price points they would be willing to pay for the product or service?

Before you do any surveys, I'd strongly recommend talking to 5-7 prospective customers first - either in person or on a phone/video call. During that, I'd ask questions to learn what you're competing against - what other educational toys would they consider instead of yours? What would yours need to do to be different enough for them to buy? How much are they willing to pay?

Once you've talked to a handful of folks, then it's OK to do a broader survey with a tool like SurveyMonkey Audience: You can think of the qualitative research as a way of informing what options you present to survey takers on the pricing question.

Answered 5 years ago

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