I am a certified Style Coach, who currently works one-on-one with individuals in person and via Skype. My business is starting to fall off and I think my "niche" is too broad - e.g. women business professionals. Any tips on how to narrow a niche through research would be appreciated! Also any tips to expand online vs. in-person would be great as well.

This is a great question to explore. It is difficult to reach everyone. The narrower your niche to greater opportunity you have to become the expert in that space. I would first look to what group of people you enjoy working with the most. Is this women working in Law? People dressing for public appearances? People dressing for a promotion? Which niche can you really find a passion to become the voice for that industry niche. You want this to be the case because to really succeed and have an active pipeline you are going to also want to post on social channels - some up to 4 times a day- with valuable content for your niche. This positions you as the expert. People will first begin to notice your presence, then begin to read your posts, then become intrigued with who you are, then begin to research you online in through you links you make available, then they will finally cough up their email address to you which will allow you to reach out to them to begin nurturing them to become a client. THIS process takes alot of patience. It is highly rewarding with perfect clients. The truth is - it really is the only way to run a healthy business that is not a brick and morter. I hope this helps.

Answered 2 years ago

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