I am a professional Running Coach looking to scale my business online, where should I spend the most energy? I'm also looking to create a high ticket coaching certification program that I plan to launch early 2018.

success of any coaching business is the personal time you can allocate. In your case, for the individual runner.

I assume that you have a few runners under your kitty. Servicing them is taking a lot of your time. In your effort to earn more per hour of your time you were looking for ideas and came up with with this certification thing.

It's a very logical evolution. Have you thought about a radical evolution?

Radical one will be to double down on your current engagements to the brim of your capacity.

Your time is going for productive and unproductive work. You should consciously identify unproductive tasks for you and bring in someone to help you.

In terms of productive time, you should build frameworks to ensure that a lot of work is transferred to your customer.

Please focus on this optimization for now. Invest your money here. Don't waste capital on other unnecessary steps. Let's have a call to explore more.

Answered 4 years ago

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