I hear and see a lot of internet celebrities talking about how they 'make' six and seven figures. Sometimes monthly. How can we tell who is lying and who is being honest?

You can't verify anything, unless they give you their tax returns.

You can do revenue share deals, where gurus are paid a percentage of profits they generate.

Tip: True Gurus (upper 'G', rather than lower 'g') are busy generating cash. You'll rarely meet them + hardly anyone knows them.

To meet real Gurus, traffic places like Meetup Groups with very tight topics, which relate to what you're trying to accomplish.

When you meet a real Guru, likely you'll know it by the way they talk about their area of expertise... which you'll likely have to tease out of them.

Anyone making massive cash... tends to keep their techniques to themselves.

Answered 4 years ago

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