I agree with all the previous answers and find them very important to start a company.
As an entrepreneur and traveler, I have opened businesses in different countries and cultures.
I offer coaching based on the Five Elements and suggest to take all those key elements, in balance with nature's wisdom, when starting a company:
1. Clarity of your intention and purpose (Element Ether)
2. Clarity of your vision including: your product or services, what differentiates you in the market, who is your target, demographic, direction you like to take and strategy (Air Element)
3. What are your main motivations? How can you motivate others to join your project as collaborators, investors, partners, ..? What are your main potentials and how can you develop your leadership skills for this project? How can you motivate people to purchase your product/services? This is also related to your brand, image,.. (Fire Element)
4. How can you find the relationships and create the connections that are required for a positive, successful influence and integration in the market? How can you attract the right people? (Water Element)
5. What do you need to make it happen? Investment, space, product development, permits, licenses, ... This step is related to time and resources management to guarantee a successful investment. (Earth Element)
When all those points are clear, you can create a clear strategy and manifest the project step by step... from the base, up.

I wish you success on your project!!

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Answered 5 years ago

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