I have been researching and planning an advice blog for over a year. I have developed a modest following using a closed Facebook group page and am ready to choose a hosting service and get started. My advice is on relationships with questions ranging from a family conflict, step-parenting, out of control teens, and questions from the teen community on relationships, drug use etc. Could a blog like this be monetized? Where do I start?

Easy starting point.

Run Adsense on your site for a month.

After a month, find top 3 pages (most traffic + on page time).

For each page, visit the page + hit reload 10 times, recording the Ad Google runs on these pages.

Then once you have the most prevalent Ad for each page, trace the Ad back to the originating site. The replace Adsense on each page with the native Ad, which will pay you far more than Adsense.

Check your numbers for a month + if your numbers (income/Ad) begins to drop, this means the Ad has saturated. At this point, turn on Adsense again + let it run for 30 days, then repeat the process.

This is a dirt simple way to monetize your content at optimal levels.

Be sure not to click on the Ad on your site, as this breaks the Adsense TOS + will get you banned from Google's Ad networks.

Answered 3 years ago

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