I will be re-launching my personal blog soon. It's a blog that offers an appealing content to the audience but I am the sole writer on it. Is it worth investing money and promoting it on social media?

Only if by "paying" you really meant to say "investing".

In other words - IF you've developed a business model where the blog content either IS the "product" or LEADS TO the purchase of a "product"...
You know the lifetime value of a customer and have built a sales funnel...
You have calculated a reasonable Cost of Acquisition of a Customer...
You have also determined a reasonable Return on Investment...
You know your market well enough to know that they are active / engaged in a specific social media channel that you can afford to (based on conversion metrics) advertise / promote on...
It might be worth giving it a try (with the understanding that it might not generate any ROI and then you'll need to execute a Plan B).

If you would like assistance with any or all of the above let's set up a call.
In any case, I wish you massive success!

Answered 7 years ago

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