Developing Web app and finished MVP feature - 1. Is it still too early to start pitching investors or no? 2. How can I attract investors?

If the investor is a rich uncle who would do anything for you, pitch it today! :) Most people aren't that lucky so they prepare an elevator pitch (Think "Shark Tank") and business plan. Your pitch should describe your vision, the service, the potential value of your business, the amount of money you need and what you're offering early stage investors. Form an advisory committee to help you with your plan and find investors. While you work on your pitch and plan, start thinking about investors who might be interested. For example, investors/managers who understand the space and had success with a similar / related offering would give you a quick dose of reality about your service and your proposition to customers and investors. Angels with related experience and potential customers are good prospects too. One way to appeal to potential investors is with reviews / quotes from potential customers and former managers / owners of related / similar offerings. Test results with testimonials from the user/customer is the best proof. Let me know if you need help with your pitch, plan or start-up.

Answered 4 years ago

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