This starts before you even hire your team.

Know what your business culture and work ethic is, and then hire people who match that ethic.
Technical skills application, product knowledge, operational steps: most of this can be taught on the job. Sharing your company's priorities can not.

Once you have hired people who will fit with your culture, the rest becomes easier.

Be clear form the start on how people will be assessed. Tell them how they, in their roles, can bring value to the company and the give continuous feedback, especially in the first 6-12 months.
Also build a strong on-boarding plan (if you have employees already but never did an official on-boarding, you can start now an call it training instead). Train your team on:
- the client base
- the problem you are solving
- solutions to the problem
- why your solution is the best
- your product
- your team
- your growth expectations.

Doing all of this you will be developing partner relationships with your employees, making it easy to share both good and constructive feedback.

Answered 5 years ago

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