I want to start a small service that does Facebook marketing and advertising for small local businesses, i.e., local pizza places, electricians, yoga studios, gyms, etc. I prefer to offer only 1 service (Facebook) and not consult on numerous different social platforms. I have NO idea what to name my service and I keep going into circles. I thought of calling my service something like "Local ______" so that clients would know I specialize in finding local customers to visit their business. I think it may tell the benefit of using me. But then I think I'd be better off doing something easier like just using my last name and "Marketing", like Smith Marketing or or Smith Agency. Does one approach have an advantage over the other?

If your first or last given name has recognition in your field, then you may want to build on that equity by using your own name followed by a descriptor. For example, a lot of salons are named after the owner/stylist because people are specifically looking for that person. Unless your name is somewhat unique and you have that recognition, I would avoid this approach.
Have you done the research to see what other similar offerings call themselves? That's step number 1.
Also, remember, businesses are bombarded with similar offerings so you'll need to stand out. So, instead of saying 'local marketing,' you may want to allude to the emotional/human benefit by stepping a bit further out. For example, there's a great data marketing firm called Streetbees - this tells a bigger story about their street-level insight, collaboration, and busy-ness.
I'm happy to help further if you'd like to connect!
Best of luck!

Answered 3 years ago

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