I have a business plan with a wireframe of the mobile app product. I'm not sure who I should hire first between a (UX) designer and a developer. They will charge on an hourly basis, and I try to optimize their time so that I can manage my budget more efficiently. I understand that I will need both to talk and collaborate at the same time, but would it be better to start with a UX designer first?

Designer. Specifically a UX "designer" as you say, who doesn't just draw screens, and won't draw any for weeks or months. They will not just use their knowledge but will go out and talk to users, observe how they solve the same problem today, and help create the scope of work, and design the basic functionality.

If you hire a developer first, they will build stuff that may or may not be of any value. If the company survives the first few rounds of building the wrong thing, you are still spending a hell of a lot in rebuilding, re-marketing, etc. etc.

Answered 6 years ago

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