I have discovered a passion for working with small to mid-size business owners to help them solve challenges or take advantage of opportunities. As a result, I am looking at transitioning my career to an inside B2B account management type role. While I have a solid background that includes corporate communications and customer service, I have found that I am not a competitive candidate for my ideal jobs due to a lack of proven sales or account management experience. What are the best ways to gain experience in the short-term to begin a successful, long-term career in B2B account management at a growing organization?

I've been selling to businesses my entire career. Getting into B2B sales is easy.

Find a company that you like who sells to small business and find out who the sales leader is.

Connect with them and ask for an appointment. Explain your desire to get into B2B sales.

Explain that you'd like the opportunity to learn and demonstrate your value.

Then let them know that you'd like to join their team and you'd be happy to work on a commission-only basis.

If you can cut it in commission sales, you'll have a world of opportunity available to you.

Good luck. Arrange a call if you'd like to discuss your specific details.


Answered 5 years ago

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