We are looking to get more visits from our target audiences, and convert more sales. We have a good social media program, and are selling well on Amazon.

Hello! I feel that Jason and Kelly did their best, but I don't think they were helpful enough so I will provide my two cents. This is, after all, that's what we do at - a small digital agency that brings big business tools and experts to small growing companies.

The good:
You have sales and some traction already. That means you should have insight on your market and opportunities to market.
The bad:
Relying on Amazon is a great way to scale a business because it's a platform that you have no control over. Including the competitors, they may show on your own page. We currently help clients get rid of Amazon or learn to supplement it especially if they are paying for ads because they are essentially helping Amazon promote their own competitors.

The bad:
When it comes to traffic, paid advertising is not sustainable, it is scalable but again, not something you want to rely on. Wether is facebook or Google.
Also, if you were to run campaigns, you have to learn what is best for what you have and how each platform and possible ad might fall in the customer's buyer journey.
For ads ran on Google, our agency has access to backtrack a competitor's website and ad versions to see what has worked for them and what hasn't. (A HUGE chunk of ads on Google are wasted from people running the same copy by mistake as another competitor but worse running ad copy that has been proven to not work!)

I love that you acknowledged you social media! Assuming that is a general term for various platforms this is what my suggestion would be:
Solution: Focus on Search Engine Optimization.
1. SEO is scalable, long lasting and doesn't increase in cost to maintain. <-- that's a huge plus!
2. If you have social media, half of your battle is won. Because with SEO, social distribution and scheduling is key.
3. There are A/B testing options where blog posts and shares can point to and increase conversions as your traffic increases.
4. By focusing on SEO first, you will be focusing on traffic first. Then as traffic increases, testing on conversion can be optimized so that your conversion ratio improves. I.E. At first you may get 1 sale of out 100 or 1,000 depending on what you have and the website content. But then obviously as certain items get tested you can narrow that down to 1 out of 50 views buys something.
5. SEO is a good (great!) excuse to focus on blogging. When you blog you are extending your knowledge to the consumer and the general market which in turn positions you as a leader and expert which, again depending on what you sell, can be very important for your long-term sustainability.
6. SEO allows tricks from certain agencies, like ours, to target easiest niche categories that are being ignored by your competitors as well as use the same keywords that they are using if that is desired as well.
7. Once you have better SEO, your Google ads do become cheaper.
8. Running promotional giveaways on platforms like Instagram and Facebook are amazingly effective at driving interest and traffic that converts into email captures at least which allows you to build an email pipeline that can be nurtured over time. As a business you NEED emails!!! And it's been confirmed that the average email list shrink at about 25-30% rate year over year which means you need to have an ongoing email list funnel in place.

To give you an example, I will use our agency's SEO. We get approximately 5k-10k views on our assets each month. Sometimes more, we don't pay for ads really (maybe every other quarter) and we focus solely on content (such as what I am doing here right now) We drive content and engagement for ourselves through several platforms and we are catering to small growing startups and companies who need the help but can't really afford a typical agency. So our niche is little, but even 5k views a month is great even if we get 20 leads or less from that a month - we may pursue no more than 3 per week. Which allows us to scale at our own pace while remaining in control of our work and enjoyment. For us, we've learned that a ratio increase from 5k to 10k doesn't equal double in leads but what it means that we don't struggle for leads or work. Something most agencies can't brag about and thus you find them cold calling or emailing businesses offering, seo or marketing, etc. When you rely on paid engagement you are setting yourself into a trap because unless you hire a strategist eventually you will find yourself wanting to stop paying but can't.
I hope this response was helpful, again my name is Humberto Valle, I'm the founder of and you can find us at
Best of luck, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out :)

Answered 2 years ago

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