We are a travel startup that is into helping people go on holiday vacations and trips. We have a fairly well rounded product right now but we are struggling to generate in-bound leads. There is already some effort that has gone in that direction. We have tried to implement a few growth hacks but they have not gotten us anywhere yet. Looking to talk to someone who can offer us how to move forward from here strategically. Our startup has raised about $300 USD, we are looking to use this money towards cracking a marketing strategy for further growth of the product.

Dirt simple approach, I've used with several of my Travel Agent clients.

1) Determine your most lucrative destination (highest commissions for you).

Say... Germany...

2) Determine starting point of most people visiting your destination.

Say... Auckland New Zealand...

3) Run a Facebook Ad campaign targeting Auckland residents + pixel people clicking on your Ads, so your Ads stalk them.

Simple. Cheap. Effective.

Answered 3 years ago

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