I'm asking on behalf of a relative who mentioned she wants to start her own weight loss consulting business. She has strong credentials but wants to start without using social media. I told her that I'm guessing networking is more difficult when you have a topic that is sensitive and she agreed. She has tried to connect with others such as personal trainers but they seem to offer their own consulting services for weight loss as well. Do you have any suggestions I could pass along for her? - starting point I suggest to my clients selling women centric products/services.

Once she masters utilizing EWN, likely she'll have more clients than she could ever handle.

How to go about this effectively takes a bit of explanation.

If she finds EWN a good match, she can book a call with me + I'll go through how I do this.

Same techniques can be loosely applied to other similar venues too...
Chamber of commerce mixers
Expos + Converences
CoWork offices

Answered 3 years ago

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