Basically by introducing potential clients to each other like referral service

Many people use this business model + it breaks my first rule.

"Every action must drive to continuity."

The challenge with this business model...

Once you've made the introduction, how do you get paid... well even once + more importantly over + over again.

One way to resolve this challenge is to join Meetup + Fizzle + any association (like a chamber of commerce). Watch what they do. Clone what seems good to you.

Call your service something people expect to pay for - membership based course or forum or association, where people expect to pay a monthly fee.

If you join Fizzle, I'm pretty sure I still have a coupon or link to a 5 week free trial.

Meetup groups provide good education. Meet the organizers + just flat out ask them how they monetize their Meetup... or better...

Start a podcast + interview people running introductory services + ask them how they monetize.

People tend to be more open to "interviews" where they tell all, then just conversations.

When interviewing, there's something for you + the person you're interviewing.

Answered 6 years ago

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