Being a prominent business intelligence firm, of late we have been getting a lot of queries for prospect research/lead generation. We feel there is a way to market our offerings better. What we do is provide real time automated solutions based on news, keywords, blogs, comments etc. In other words, we are able to find anything and everything from Google and any social media sites for any queries and create a list. We deliver 95%+ business data with 90%+ e-mail deliverability. Since we haven't yet marketed this offering, I feel if we can pitch better, we can create a name. If not: 1. How can we create product package that may sound interesting? 2. Who could be needing this kind of service that we might not have thought of? 3. How and when can we reach out to them?

I am in the business of lead generation and I know a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs are always in search of better systems to fill the pipeline with prospects.

I highly recommend joining marketing Facebook groups and feature your product using a video to show the respected members what your product is all about.

I am a member of the best rated marketing facebook groups, I am positive I can help you in showcase your product.

Answered 3 years ago

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