I run a YouTube channel about space and astronomy. I am getting good view count, but less monetized views. Is there any way I can increase these monetized views?

Yes and No - I have run a couple of youtube channels for the last 5 years - FULL TIME - and i can tell you no matter what you do your ad revenue will continue to fall - If you are relying on youtube advertising and your sole income you might be in some trouble - I was in a similiar situation to yourself - the main problem is your content does not appeal to major advertisers - this requires you to get thousands of views for a few dollars - there are multiple ways to monitize and to use your traffic - i would be able to help you out with all of this - just be careful - if youtube in your income just imagine one day you log into your youtube account and all your content has been removed - will you be ok?

Answered 3 years ago

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