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To build a massive email list, if you play the game that everyone else is playing, you’ll never win.

Create contents. Solve your audience's problems, tell stories that happened to you, and so on.

But most importantly, remember that quality beats quantity.

While everybody is out there pushing shallow contents like “10 Ways to Be More Successful.”

You have the advantage to stand out by creating remarkable material.

Is it hard? Of course, but it’s that kind of strategy that will ask you for more work up front, and will give you disproportionate results once running, like the great often Ramit Sethi teaches.

Once you have your content to stand out, don’t be frazzled.

Instead of chasing tactics, build systems to promote them.

Do you know Gary Vee?

When he was starting out he was spending 20-minutes to create his videos (10%),

and then the rest of the days promoting them, replying tweets, and so on.

Same for Jon Westenberg, very well-known on Medium.

He now has thousands of readers, but once told that he started out by

reaching out to people on Facebook with a personalized and

a not-spammy message, telling them about his new content.

Same for James Altucher, who create and then repurpose his remarkable contents through his blog, Q&A sites, and so on.

He has a system in place for being omnipresent where his audience/target market spends his time.

Choose 1 or 2 tactics to create and promote your contents,

(Guest posting is one of the best when starting out)

Once you have it, stick to them.

Trust the system, and enjoy the progress, remember that slow and steady wins the race.

Answered 5 years ago

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