I just started a curated newsletter about personal finance for millennials. Each issue includes 10 curated articles from various sources about investing, budgeting, paying off loans, and etc. I do not have any subscribers yet.

Well done - getting started.

1 - Do you have a website?
2 - On your website how do you invite subscription?
3 - Have you got social profiles?
4 - On your social profiles, how do you invite subscriptions?

So you've guessed, you need to get people to visit a place on the web which you own (website / social profiles) and then invite them to join your newsletter. Consider what 'offer' you can make which is attractive to them in addition to getting the articles. has a good Wordpress plugin for subscriptions. Also check out Push Notifications as many sites prefer this as subscribers won't share their email address. I wrote this article about Notifications

Things for you to GrowthHack test
1 - Is 10 articles too few / too may / just right?
2 - What offer can you make to subscribers?
3 - How are you monetising your newsletter?
4 - Which brands can you collaborate with to grow your list with theirs in a joint venture arrangement?
5 - what are your key metrics and ideal customer profile?

Good luck and keep up the good work.

Answered 5 years ago

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