Are startups soul sucking? Is entrepreneurship the only route to success? Startups are hard. Entrepreneurship is hard. You spend all your days working on something hard, which has a 90% chance of failure. How can you ensure you enjoy the process? What are some alternatives to entrepreneurship and also being ultra successful?

As a wife, mother of 3 little ones under the age of 6, and growing two businesses (non-profit and a for-profit) it comes down to priorities and passion. I love helping people discover new ways to solve problems and I love to create. My businesses are on my mind 24/7, it is a matter of choosing what to focus on at the time and be present. When I am with my family, I make it a point to be present with my family and tune everything out. I live for organization and setting boundaries for my time. Time is your biggest resource.

Write down your "why" your purpose for starting the business in the first place. If you are doing business to just make money, I feel you will eventually burn out because you don't have the passion and motivation to push through the hard times when everything is slow and you are not seeing results. When it is your passion, down time means you can create new solutions, come up with new marketing or write a book about your topic. There is always something that can be done to advance your message.

Be flexible and ready to take advantage of every moment you can to get done. I'd love to talk more about strategies to help make all that hard work last and be a little less stressful.

Answered 4 years ago

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