Are startups soul sucking? Is entrepreneurship the only route to success? Startups are hard. Entrepreneurship is hard. You spend all your days working on something hard, which has a 90% chance of failure. How can you ensure you enjoy the process? What are some alternatives to entrepreneurship and also being ultra successful?

Hey there - I work with entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley but mostly with what I call the Big Dreamers - people that would never be able to hold down a job, but can go out there and do something magical with their unusual talents. I am working on 2 books with different people, marketing their products with them and coaching Executives.

Startups suck, man. Teams don't work, engineers don't stick around, you need connections for money and yes, it is risky.

So what should you do?

Three words: Online Home Business.

Many examples exist of regular people - Dads, Moms, even teenagers - that started up a blog/website/social media/youtube channel with a passion of their own and posted fun, fresh, unique content regularly building an audience over time and making a tidy income - more than by driving for Uber or having a retail job. The best ones cross six figures and more with a little luck and good timing. I knew an example where this young man loved Disney and all things related - so he built a Disney fan website and got all this ad-click money plus affiliate marketing money and before he knew it he was on the news.

So what's your burning interest? Let me help you figure it out and position yourself in a spot where you can actually still spend time with family and friends but live a comfortable lifestyle. I can help you understand your talents and how to relate them to the wide world out there!

Call me and we can get started right away!

Arjun Buxi

Answered 5 years ago

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